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Phone a Friend For Frustrating Tech Troubles

Don’t let tech tantrums cramp your style! Say hello to Friendly Computers and our easy Friendly 365 program – your tech sidekick ready to whisk away stress. For a mere $360/year, our annual service is your ticket to tranquility in the tech chaos at home. Whether you’re a tech rookie in need of an everything guide or a seasoned pro seeking the next level, our expertise has your tech troubles saying, “Bye-bye!” 🚀😄


IT Services and Computer Repair


Painless computer repairon-site or in-store
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We got your back from hackers and computer related disasters
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📞Phone-a-friend 🤗. Troubleshoot issues or schedule an appointment
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Destress your tech!

Sometimes all you need to do is make a quick call. You'd be surprised what we can fix over the phone. If you are problems require a hands-on approach, we will be there.

Mobile Computer Services

The traveling tech team at your service. Why leave the house? You can keep your pajamas on for all we care.

Fast Remote Services

All we need is a connection to get the issue corrected!

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Meet our team

Our team understands that your tech is meant to make your life easier, so when issues occur will be the friendly faces that prevent your tech from becoming a burden. Get to know the team and what makes us tick.

Bronze Plan

"Like the person at your job you DON'T hate"
  • *Remote Support
  • Anti-virus Protection
  • Software Updates
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Gold Plan

It's like we're best friends or somethin'
  • *On-site Support
  • *Remote Support
  • Anti-virus
  • Private VPN
  • Annual tune up
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Techies you can TRUST

How about a service plan that actually serves you for once? Explore your computer care options with our Friendly 365 plan and choose what works for you!

Mind your business! With Friendly Computers commercial IT services.

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