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2586 Hilliard-Rome Rd. Columbus, OH 43026 Columbus, OH 43026

(614) 600-3111

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Your computer woes end here

Desktop and device support because you have other things to worry about.

You break it, we fix it. Entrust the kind hands of a Friendly Computer’s associate to fix hardware troubles. Cracked screen, dead batteries, etc. are good in our capable hands.

We are just as easily able to fix hardware problems from your home.

Save yourself time and money by letting us troubleshoot any issue you have over the phone via troubleshooting.


Schedule a one-time visit for in-home services or get on our comprehensive service plan, and we will dispatch a tech to you when needed.

Round-the-clock protection from malicious attacks so you can rest easy.

Do you need us to come to you?

Click the link and schedule a 1 time visit from our mobile technicians for any computer or tech troubles.​

Friendly 365


Pal Plan

"Like the person at your job you DON'T hate"
  • *Remote Support
  • Anti-virus Protection
  • Software Updates
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Buddy Plan

"Like, we're in your contacts but not the group chat"
  • *On-Site Support
  • *Remote Support
  • Software Updates
  • Anti-virus Protection
  • Data Backup
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BFF Plan

"It's like we actually hang out from time to time"
  • *On-site Support
  • *Remote Support
  • Anti-virus
  • Private VPN
  • Annual tune up
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In need of more advanced IT solutions? Friendly Computers has a Business division.